The Pantheon of openly worshipped Gods is as described in the Players Handbook.

Bahamut is not a god of the masses but his followers keep several monastery-fortresses which seek to keep order in the surrounding lands.

The Raven Queen also has no temples and very few exclusive followers but there is a discrete shrine at the entrance to each cemetery, and festival days are held at the equinoxes to honour her.

Avandra, Erathis, Pelor, and Moradrin are popular with the working and merchant classes. Kord, Corellion, Ioun, and Melora are more specific in their constituencies; Sehanine is popular with artists and nobles.

Evil Deities you’ve encountered include:
Bane – God of Tyranny and Stength, revered by warlords, and more organized sub-humans.
Gruumsh – Mad one eyed god of Orcs, and Ogres.
Lolth – Paldemar accused you of working for Lolth — God of the Underdark
Orcus – God of necromancy and the undead
Vecna – Paldemar served (and was struck down by) Vecna — God of Secrets and Lies
Yeenoghu – God of the Gnolls
Zehir – God of Assassins and Thieves.


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