South Fanadray is where the events of the first Act occurred. Winterhaven, Deep Cross, Slate Ridge and Thunderspire are all located fairly centrally. South Fandray is poor and scattered, the eastern plains are good for little but nomadic grazing the south is tortuously cold and little of worth is to be found within reach of the surface folks mines.

The fertile land surrounding Winterhaven is unusual, isolated and is only large enough to free up enough of the town to maintain the walls, and defend their lands from incursions of the local Kobolds, Gnolls, and Hobgoblins.

The connection to the underdark at Thunderspire brings some prosperity to the region but most of it disappears into the coffers of the various local warlords.

Deep Cross is a grubby trading town that sits on the Kings Road linking the mines of the South, Winterhaven in the West with The Green Port to the north and the Cities of the plains in the East. The town is rough and dominated by trading concerns and itinerant populations. The largest building any of you have ever seen is the Labyrinthine Lahey’s Rest. The seat of the accommodation monopoly in Deep Cross covers most of the slope down to The Green Flow.

Far to the North West beyond the black waste and the Teeth is North Fanadray, home to the Occetic Empire and various city states.

The teeth makes direct shipping untenable so trade in valuables occurs via Coparthus, a nation of many islands to the north east. The Coparthi also conduct trade to their east and north east with the last remnants of the Nerath empire on the east coast of Paltun.


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